Maritime Accident Investigation


Today's maritime threats are rarely the reef or weather shore. Instead, maritime operators now face a broad range of concerns from the unknown and difficult to predict specter of terrorism to the routine and burdensome imposition of new and changing local, state, and federal regulations. ICI Investigations offers innovative and cost conscious solutions. 

ICI Investigators can provide in depth investigations, security and maritime protocols to meet your needs.

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  • Marine injury and death accidents
  • Recreational boating accidents
  • Long shore men and dock workers injuries
  • Crew member injuries
  • Cruise-line injuries and accidents
  • Marine salvage and towing accidents
  • Maritime VIP Protection
  • Ship appraisals
  • Insurance accident investigations
  • VIP vessel security on board and on patrol

We have extensive experience unfolding complex maritime incidents and that's where we shine and where we can help lawyers shine too. 

With offices in New York and Florida with experience working throughout the world, ICI is fully capable of providing discrete investigative services and Expert Witness Testimony for Maritime incidents.

3D Animation and photography for re-enactment of vessel accidents. 

Worldwide services: ICI provides Investigations and vessel appraisals.

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